A predictive algorithm to improve solar panel output

More and more energy in the Netherlands is generated sustainably with solar energy. But what if we could get even more output from existing solar panels?

Alari Technologies has developed a software product that uses machine learning to extract more energy from a solar panel using a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. In this way, yield can be increased by up to 4% on average. The yield is mainly increased in the morning and evening, during the periods when there is typically less output but more consumption. The maximization of output is achieved with minimal addition of material. The innovation could be applied to existing solar panel installations by integrating the software in the existing inverter.

A feasibility study is carried out in collaboration with The Green Village, examining technical and economic feasibility. They are also talking to several inverter manufacturers to validate the technology, after which a demo will be built at The Green Village. The feasibility study and demo are funded by the ConnectSME program. For Alari, the study provides an opportunity to demonstrate the improved efficiency with reliable test data and in a relatable environment. Updates will follow as the project progresses.