Nature inclusive shed

Biodiversiteit groeit met een natuurinclusieve tuin

In building environment, nature sometimes has little chance – due to the high concentration of pavement and buildings, there is little greenery – which reduces the places for animals to nest and shelter. That is what the shed wants to aim for: to work with nature, rather than against nature.

The shed, designed by Atelier Groenblauw, offers space to resident species that live in the gardens. These are the insects such as masonry bites and butterflies in the south wall, the small songbirds such as great tit and blue tit in the east wall, and the house martin on the east gutter (which is special when it comes) and the bats on the west gutter have their summer quarters. The hedgehog can get shelter for summer and winter. A small building element can make a major contribution to biodiversity!

The first shed has been built on the Green Village, where the impact on biodiversity and the interaction with the environment will be measured. In addition, a climate adaptive garden has been laid out around the nature shed. Garden owners are also included in this conversion.


Photo by Atelier Groenblauw

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