Conical Systems

Advancing sustainable mobility for safer streets

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Shared vehicles have become an integral part of our cities. But currently, shared mobility operators face the challenge of inefficiency, as a lot of time is spend on relocating and charging shared vehicles.

Conical Systems investigated the feasibility of using 5G networks to remotely operate and monitor a light weight micro-electric vehicle in the simulated urban environment at the Do IoT Fieldlab. In order to do so, Swing was built.

Swing is a lightweight micro-electric vehicle designed to advance short trips and micromobility. With Swing, the current issues of mobility operators can be tackled due to its dynamic and remote re-positioning feature. It offers remote driving to enable dynamic relocation and door to door trips where riders don’t need to park the vehicle or return it to a charging station. Additionally the onboard sensors enable safer remote driving, and are a fast track to full self-driving capabilities for autonomous controls in the near future.

At The Green Village, tests were conducted aimed at assessing the feasibility and reliability of using 5G networks for the teleoperation of low-speed electric vehicles. The tests evaluated how various factors, such as speed, power levels, the distance from 5G towers and the presence of nearby buildings, impacted the transmission of real-time, low-latency vehicle data. These tests were crucial for ensuring that the communication requirements for safe and effective remote operation, including low end-to-end latency, high reliability, and sufficient throughput, were met.