Turns rainwater into a new freshwater source

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Cities are increasingly confronted with a lot of rain in a short time. All that rainwater has to be discharged to prevent urban flooding. Normally, this clean water is pumped out of the city via the sewerage system, to the rivers and the sea. However, in the summer and during hot days, the city needs freshwater for the trees and plants, for groundwater management, to clean water in ponds, for the irrigation of sports fields and to let children play.

Bluebloqs is a scalabe and compact system for the urban infrastructure to smartly distribute the rainwater, treats it through plants, and subsequently stores it in a water bubble at a depth of 15 to 50 meters beneath the surface. In the summer, this water can be extracted of the water bubble and used again. In this way the rainwater is kept in the neighbourhood, preventing problems in other areas and outside the city, as the rainwater is treated locally.

To optimize the functioning of the system, the treatment efficiency of the biofilter is being investigted at The Green Village, and new ways are being explored that prevent clogging of the infiltration-well.

Read more about Bluebloqs at The Green Village in an interview with managing director Karina Peña