Urban Wind

These wind turbines were placed at The Green Village by Urban Wind, an initiative from grid operator Alliander N.V. Urban Wind’s goal is to accelerate the energy transition by using small wind turbines.

Generating renewable energy on a small scale is becoming an increasingly large factor in our energy system, now mostly dominated by solar panels. Urban Wind demonstrates that small wind turbines can be part of this transition. However, the application of wind energy in urban areas is challenging. Factors to be dealt with include its relatively low yield, uncertainty about permits needed and a lack of an appealing business case for owners.

Whereas the public tends to be very negative towards large-scale wind energy in urban areas, not much is known about the acceptance of small-scale wind turbines in urban areas. At The Green Village, Urban Wind will investigate technical integration of small wind turbine energy in the energy system of the future. Urban Wind will also investigate social acceptance regarding small-scale wind turbines.