Integrating the mobility sector into the energy sector

We use our cars only for a very limited time. If we drive 20,000 km per year with an average speed of 50 km per hour, the time we use our cars is 400 hours – less than 5% of the time. Our car, a major asset for us all, that we use less than 5% of the time? So what else can we do with our car; when it is parked?

When parked, the fuel cell in the car can produce electricity from hydrogen. Cleaner and more efficiently than the current electricity system – with useful ‘waste’ products heat and fresh water. The produced electricity, heat and fresh water can be fed into the respective grids or be used directly in our house, office or the school of our kids. As a result, the ‘car as power plant’ can create an integrated, efficient, reliable, flexible, clean, smart and personalized transport-, energy- and water system.

The hydrolectric is an electrical SMART with an added 1kW Fuel Cell as range extender. When connected to a Hydrogen source the Hydrolectric is capable of generating up to 6kW peak to the electricity grid.


– Optimizing the system performance
– Standardization of the components and system
– Use of the heat generated in ‘power plant mode’ by the fuel cell for useful applications
– Development of an external low pressure H2 source to charge during power plant mode
– Standardization of the grid connection Use of hydrolectric to balance electricity network using the powerplant mode or the charging mode of the batteries.

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