Climate City Campus

A weather station that is part of the project Climate City Campus, a project about observing and examining the climate in urban areas, has been installed at The Green Village. The terrain of The Green Village serves as an example for an urban area. Over the whole campus of the TU Delft there is a network of 10 to 15 weather stations installed. The processing and analysing of the data will be done by various researchers and students.

This project is settled to research the influence of urban areas on weather conditions. Normally weather stations are placed in open areas on the countryside. Because these are not useful in this project, weather stations are placed in an urban area like the campus of TU Delft. The weather station gathers data like temperature, rain fall, humidity, air pressure and solar radiation.

The Green Village is part of the campus of the TU Delft and therefore a relevant location to place a weather station for this project. The data gathered by the weather station will be available for every project at The Green Village, so it doesn’t have to be gathered in separate weather stations for each project.