Urban Rainshell

Rain water buffering and purification system

  • klimaatadaptief

We have to deal increasingly with the negtive effects of climate change such as: heavy rainfall, heat stress, droughts and salinization of swee water reserves. Therefore EWB introduces a robust, underground, low maintenance, rain water buffering – and treatment systems. EWB not only focuses on preventing urban flooding, but also aims to store and treat contaminated rain water, hereby making it available for safe infiltration and / or reuse of water. The system is flexible and can easily be integrated in existing infrastructure, preventing expensive renovations.

The Urban Rainshell is a solution that allows to disconnect storm water from traditional sewage systems. Instead, it is buffered through drains in a ‘bed’ of AA Eco Shells. The AA mineral mix helps to treat runoff water contaminated with mineral oils, heavy metals and PAH. The bed of shells is covered with a foundation designed by EWB, allowing for heavy traffic load. The buffering and treatment capacity is designed to deal with a so-called ‘T=10’ rain shower .

At The Green Village a surface of 120 m2 hardened is used to investivate the effect of the Urban Rainshell.

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