Realize the power of blockchain

In the new market for renewable energy, companies and consumers are no longer just purchasing energy. They also produce their own energy. Via networks they have access to new energy markets through a variety of innovative applications. These applications can provide peer-to-peer services like energy sharing, energy trading and energy donation. Blockchain technology, where information is allowed to be distributed but not copied, can facilitate all upcoming market models in a very secure, extremely cost-efficient and highly sustainable way.

TOBLOCKCHAIN is a firm focused on developing disruptive innovations using blockchain technology for consumers, enterprises and governments. They are developing an ecosystem of intelligent, decentralized, autonomous systems.

TOBLOCKCHAIN is now testing their pilot project PowerToShare at The Green Village. This an application built on top of a Blockchain network. With this application they intend to make the energy transition achievable and profitable, creating new markets and empowering individuals to own energy, to share it and to profit from it. During their project at The Green Village ToBlockchain will explore collaboration and coordination with other technologies at the terrain, like solar panels, batteries, the grid and buildings.

Check below the video of TOBLOCKCHAIN, winners of the Energy-track of the Dutch Blockchain Hackaton 2017


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