Pay-per-use home appliances

HOMIE introduces a pay-per-use concept for domestic appliances. As the name already suggests, in a pay-per-use concept the product supplier retains ownership of the product. In this case it is more likely he will aim to keep his products in life cycle as long as possible. This results eventually in less e-waste, energy usage, and more efficient use of resources. Therefore this circular approach of domestic home appliances delivers a positive contribution to the sustainability of products.

The first test with pay-per-use appliances already takes place in the Living Lab facility at the Green Village. The student houses are currently equipped with washing machines provided by HOMIE. Inhabitants pay per wash and purchase or subscription costs are no longer required. HOMIE also aims to repair and reuse appliances that are no longer in use. The high-quality machines of HOMIE are very energy efficient and can steer washing behaviour to save money and reduce the environmental impact.

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