Circular garage

Dis- and reassembling of a garage building

In the future, raw materials may be scarce. This makes it more and more important to use the available materials as efficiently as possible. This is one of the criteria of a circular economy. In the case of circular building, existing components and materials will be reused as much as possible. This makes the ability to disassembly as one of the main conditions for reuse.

This project therefore aims to show that reuse of buildings is attractive. The Green Village acts as an initiator to move the garage boxes (which would otherwise be demolished) to their own premises. In addition to a number of executives who take care of dismantling, transport and construction, research is being done by a number of students from the Hague University of Applied Sciences. They are investigating how to move a building from A to B. What materials can be reused? How does that work in practice? And how sustainable is it compared to other alternatives?

The entire process of dismantling, transport and construction is monitored. All materials are mapped and labelled. Together with ABT different circular foundation options are consulted. In this way, it is examined what the benefits are for disassembly and reassembly of buildings and what lessons from this project can be learned.