Creating healthy and sustainable offices, optimizing workplace vitality

Building management systems (BMS), responsible for controlling the indoor work environment, play a big role in the health and vitality of its occupants. Incorrect settings have been proven to cause complaints leading to poor concentration, lower productivity and higher sickness rates.

OfficeVitae provides an integrated approach to obtain real-time insights of the office environment and occupant’s health and vitality. Together with Climotion, expert in hardware and software for BMS, OfficeVitae demonstrates the value of specific local climate zones in office buildings based on occupants needs. Additionally, this tailor-made approach contributes towards sustainable practices by offering, for instance, only lighting when the occupants need it (e.g. less energy is needed).

In the Office Lab several scenarios are tested through adjusting and monitoring the indoor air climate, light and occupancy. Feedback from the office users will be processed to design an optimal BMS for further implementation and upscaling of the concept elsewhere.

Read more on the website of OfficeVitae and Climotion

Here you can see the first vlog of Office Vitae


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