Smart City Hubs

Street lights as hub for a sustainable, safe and healthy city

Smart City Hubs provide an open, flexible and extendable platform based on public street lights. Several service providers are now able to install sensors on the poles or use the data sets. The Smart City Hubs can be used for flexible street light management, monitoring of air quality, traffic control or monitoring of noise disturbance. Other possibilities that are to be explored are fast mobile communications and spotting free parking space in. All of these possible applications should contribute to a more sustainable, clean, safe and healthy urban environment.

Testing, development and demonstration
A consortium of partners, consisting of Eneco, Sustainder, Huawei, Bouwfonds and Luminext will build, test and demonstrate the open Smart City Hub concept at The Green Village. Together with students, researchers the consortium will research and develop relevant value-added services for instance municipalities and private estate owners.