Grow your own trees

The Airpot is an experiment of the TU Delft’s Facility Management and Real Estate (FMRE). With it FMRE wants to design the green outdoor space in an innovative way. An airpot offers a flexible and sustainable solution for landscaping. It is a bag made of recycled plastic where one or more trees can be planted. Roots who outgrow the bag, die because a lack of water and food. This causes the root to branch inside the bag which helps it to sustain. That is how the tree develops a compact and well-rooted clod. Now the tree can be moved during a its growing period of four years before it is to be planted in solid ground on its permanent location. The airpots themselves can be re-used multiple times and trees can be planted the whole year around.

With this experimental project TU Delft is able to purchase small sized trees and grow them in airpots, making it a mobile tree nursery. With this nursery TU Delft FMRE is investigating the possibilities to make this method economically viable for larger real estate development projects.