Grid Feeder

Allowing a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle to distribute electricity to the grid

We drive our cars only 5% of the time. Can’t we use the other 95% better? With fuel cell cars we can. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, such as this Hyundai IX35 FCEV, produce electricity, heat and clean water, which we can use in our houses, schools and offices.

A research consortium, led by professor Ad van Wijk, professor Future Energy Systems, department of Process & Energy, faculty 3ME at TU Delft, modified a Hyundai Fuel cell car a which connects to the also newly developed ‘Grid Feeder’.

The converted Hyundai fuel cell car, with a socket which serves as an electric outlet, has a capacity of 10 kW. That is sufficient to power on average ten homes. The car nowcan distribute its electricity to the grid through ‘the Grid Feeder’, serving as the ‘smart’ interface between the car and the grid.

In future 100% renewable energy systems parked fuel cell cars can deliver back-up power in case the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow. This integration reduces system energy costs and improves energy reliability. The grid connection is being tested on several aspects; safety, efficiency, system response.