Climate adaptation isn’t just about preventing flooding and heat stress, it also involves making sure there’s enough water during more intense and longer periods of drought. Field Factors offer a solution in the form of Bluebloqs.

Bluebloqs make rainwater fit for reuse in the urban area. This circular water system offers a solution for both flooding and drought, and keeps cities climate stable. It adds to the buffer capacity for rainstorms and reduces heat stress in the dry months. Bluebloqs are compact, and combined with a pleasing aesthetic, they make a perfect fit for implementation on neighbourhood- and street level.

On the HittePlein at The Green Village, a new configuration of the Bluebloqs system is being tested. In this system, water isn’t stored in deep soil, but directly underneath ground level, where it’s circulated. This makes the system easy to apply at any project location and an accessible variation of the previously designed circular water system by Field Factors.

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