Testhuizen voor renovatieconcepten duurzaam wonen: comfortabel, simpel én betaalbaar

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Affordable, comfortable, simple and sustainable living, that is the idea behind DreamHûs. This experiment is a collaboration between WoonFriesland, Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, YES!Delft, The Green Village and De Bewonersraad Friesland. In spring 2019 three exact copies of Dutch houses with different energy performance will be built at this location. Researchers, students and entrepeneurs are challenged to come up with user-friendly, and above all affordable, solutions to make these houses sustainable.

The three houses reflect the Dutch housing stock. Solutions in the field of energy, healthy indoor climate, water, heating, insulation, ICT, IoT and Smart homes can be tested in this living lab before they will be applied in the houses of social housing company WoonFriesland and then the rest of The Netherlands.

The parties will combine Frysian common sense and decisiveness with new technological insights. Other interested parties from industry, knowledge institutes, governments and the general public are invited to contribute.

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