Combi Cable

Combined DC/AC power supply

Currently, most appliances (like laptops and LED lighting) use direct current (DC). Because the main power network delivers alternating current (AC), various conversions are required. Each conversion leads to energy losses and increases material usage. Integral network level conversion would thus lead to savings.

The most used cable in for electricity in The Netherlands is the combi cable: a bundle of various wires all transporting AC current. In theory, some of these wires could be used to transport also DC current, for instance to feed LED streetlighting. In this way, there would beless conversions and less materials usage. Besides, it will increase the reliability of the lighting.

CityTec is a public lighting company and wants to know what the challenges are with this new way of using the combi cable. The Green Village enables research into this topic. Together with The Hague University of Applied Sciences and under close supervision of Stedin, CityTec will investigate themes like technical and economical feasibility, regulations, and safety in case of cable damage. A positive result could mean that the current infrastructure in the Netherlands could be used to feed DC loads, among others public lighting.