Minister of Science & Technology, professor Yang visits The Green Village

learning about the Dutch approachlearning about the Dutch approach

Minister of Science & Technology, professor Yang visits The Green Village

Professor Yang, Minister of Science & Technology from Taiwan, is in the Netherlands from 28 till 30 August to learn about innovating, the Dutch way. He and his delegation, with amongst others his Deputy Minister and the Director-General of the department of International Cooperation & Science Education (ICSE) is traveling the country for a three day working visit. As part of their programme they visited The Green Village at TU Delft campus.

Innovating at The Green Village & learning about the Dutch approach
The Minister was keen to learn about Dutch innovation policy, especially related to green energy and the circular economy. He was particularly interested in several innovation projects at The Green Village and in this unique platform itself, which unites scientists, companies and governments to work together on the development of radical new innovations for a sustainable future.

Researching the car as a power plant
Vincent Oldenbroek, researcher at TU Delft, explained the concept of Car as Power Plant. Since Minister Yang holds a doctorate in physics, they had an interesting conversation about turning the Hyundai IX35 FCEV, an average road car, into a mobile power station. What challenges do the researchers face, using the car with a fuel cell which converts hydrogen into electricity, and connecting it to the grid or directly to a building.

Excited about Involvement of all relevant public and private stakeholders
Jaron Weishut, managing director at The Green Village, engaged in an interesting discussion about involving lawmakers and government in the innovation process, as has been worked out in the green deal green village. The Minister was particularly enthusiastic about building, testing and demonstrating these innovation in a semi-controlled lab facility, with real user interaction. He suggested that such a facility should be implemented in Taiwanese universities as well.

After nearly two hours the delegation left to meet others at TU Delft, including professor Ellen van Bueren, centre for sustainability and professor Tim Verhagen, president of TU Delft. In all the Minister and his delegation and RVO, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, who organised the working visit, were excited to meet and explore innovations together, here at The Green Village.