Marjan Kreijns new Director of The Green Village

Thank you Jaron�WeishutThank you Jaron�Weishut

Marjan Kreijns new Director of The Green Village

We officially welcomed Marjan Kreijns as our new Director at the Green Village Network Event.
With a focus on renovating the existing housing stock, new energy systems. climate adaptive cities and smart mobility she foresees an increase of scientific research projects, from TU Delft and other knowledge institutes.

“The Green Village was a startup, some 4.5 years ago and has claimed a place of undeniable importance within our national research and innovation infrastructure. It’s my mission to further strengthen our position and scope and deepen our relations with both the scientific and business community.”

John Schmitz, chairperson of Green Village Foundation and Dean of the Faculty of EEMCS TU Delft, thanked Jaron Weishut. He mentioned that The Green Village would not have gotten to this point without his vision, effort and action.

Jaron: “Starting off with an empty lawn and one home in 2015, The Green Village has become a vibrant living lab for sustainable innovation with more than 60 innovation projects since our official opening in 2017. We can now establish that researchers, entrepreneurs, governments and the general public are truly embracing the integrative approach that we developed. I look back with fond memories of working with a small and highly motivated team of professionals, and I’m very proud of our achievements together. Moving forward, I will continue to address challenges and opportunities in innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, living labs and digitization.”

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