Let’s work together on some great innovations.

Arnoud van der Zee - Program Manager Energy TransitionArnoud van der Zee - Program Manager Energy Transition

Let’s work together on some great innovations.

First of May I started as Program Manager Energy Transition at TU Delft Valorisation Centre.

Together with my colleagues I will help Dutch companies, government and knowledge institutes to take the lead in Europe’s Green Deal ambitions and speed up the energy transition in the Netherlands. The focus of my activities will be on the build environment and have as main goal to help achieve a CO2-emmision free build environment by 2050.

With our program we will initiate as well as support the realisation of innovations by private and public organisations. The focal points of the program will be aligned with ‘het klimaatakkoord’ and the innovation themes as formulated by the TopSector Energy. So we will all work together to achieve a world that is in balance with nature. This last sentence is my fuel to go to work and contribute to the best of my abilities. I see it as a tremendous task but, also as one the most interesting and beautiful ‘projects’ you can work on.

You will be able to find me most of the time working in our Living Lab ‘The Green Village’. This location is truly amazing as it makes innovation real. By building, testing and validating the innovations we thought of this the place where real breakthrough innovation happens. Everything comes together and everything gets solved. This is the way to a achieve this carbon free future.

Are you working for a knowlegde center/institute or a business that focuses on the energy transition? Let’s get in contact and work together on some great innovations.

You can contact me via:

Mob: 06-48216215

Email: arnoud.vanderzee@thegreenvillage.org