Students testing glass bridge

Official Opening Glass Truss Bridge at The Green VillageOfficial Opening Glass Truss Bridge at The Green Village

Students testing glass bridge

During a special event on May 15. 60 students performed several static and dynamic load bearing tests on the glass truss bridge, prototype I. Led by prof. ir. Rob Nijsse, structural design and building engineering, they walked, marched and danced on and over the bridge. The tests were successful and with a bottle of champagne the bridge, as the new main entrance to The Green Village, was officially opened.

More information and videos of the four tests performed (in Dutch)

Design & Construction team: prof. Rob Nijsse (TU Delft), Joris Smits (PhD-candidate TU Delft), Ruud Penning (Zwatra Transport), Ate Snijder (PhD-candidate TU Delft), Lawrence Brooks (technical support), Alice Huang, graduate student (TU Delft). Photos by Frank Auperlé, TU Delft.

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