Sunshading & solar energy canopy

SunMotion is a young start-up resulted from a graduation research at the Technical University Delft. Everywhere in the streets solar panels appear on roofs and that is often without attention for the architecture of the building. The SunMotion panels have a clean design providing two functions: shading and the production of solar energy. During the day the sun moves over the triangular white aluminum solar panels, creating a special play of light and shadow on the floor. 

The Sunmotion design concerns two vital trends in architecture: the increasing demand for solar energy production (EPC standard 2020) and the increasing demand for natural light in buildings. Solar cells require direct sunlight and for diffuse daylight it is essential to avoid the direct sunlight. By combining these two requirements the new roof system has been developed.

In June 2017 a first prototype was placed at a Van der Valk hotel in Germany. The second prototype is installed at The Green Village, the perfect environment for testing the user comfort and energy production. 

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MSc. Frédérique Sanders

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