The lower level ground rain gravel

Urban areas nowadays contain increasing amounts of pavement, of which the underneath soil doesn’t absorp a lot of water. Additionally, the soil under the pavement is often compressed and unfruitful. Green Soil Bag aims to deal with the increasing problems of water buffering in urban areas.

SPOGRO offers a sustainable solution to increase the water buffering capacity of soil. It makes the soil spongy allowing trees and bushes to grow better. The production of SPOGRO is based on the recycling of rockwool from greenhouse horticulture. To install SPOGRO, the pavement is removed and the soil is sucked up and mixed with the SPOGRO flakes. Subsequently, after returning the mix, the soil possesses an water buffering capacitiy and fertile soil for trees to grow.

At The Green Village several things are being tested such as the absorption capacity, the infiltration- and evaporation volume, among other practicalities.