Smart Tile

the pavement as energy generator

In a country like the Netherlands where space is scarce, it is a challenge to integrate sustainable energy generation into existing outdoor elements. This challenge has led to the development of Smart Tiles. This is a new step in the energy transition and the creation of smart areas in which ENGIE has shown that existing infrastructure and buildings, such as pavements in this case, can also serve as generators of energy.

The tiles in this experiment generate electricity by capturing light and can generate a considerable amount of energy through sunlight and even daylight in general. One of the unexpected perks of these tiles is that they can be heated during the winter so they won’t be slippery due to snow or ice. This makes the tiles safer for pedestrians. The casing of the tiles is a substrate of recycled plastic that we obtained through our collaboration with the company SUEZ.

Here in The Green Village, the tiles are being tested for the first time for functionality, robustness and user experience.