Powerwindow by Physee

A fully transparant and colourless window that converts light into electricity

The world has changed so much in such a short period, and we have made amazing progress. One consequence is the fact that more than half of humanity now lives in cities. These hotspots of activity require a lot of energy, and we know that 40% of all electricity is being consumed by commercial buildings. Most of this energy is still generated using fossil fuels. Walking through a city, it is not difficult to understand the incredible demand of all these structures. However, when we look at those buildings, we see untapped potential as well.

PHYSEE has created a product that can put all that glass to use, in a way that does not compromise on visibility or aesthetics. Where solar panels either ruin a building’s looks or are only used on the roof, our solution can be used all along the sides. PowerWindows are completely transparent windows that capture sunlight in a coating that contains a patented Luminescent Solar Concentrator. This energy is then re-emitted and transported through the glass to the edges, where photovoltaic cells in the frame convert it to electricity.

At The Green Village, their Mobile Lab represents their continuing efforts to improve this window. The lab allows the team to take their product everywhere to conduct tests and take measurements. By placing their product in a residential environment early in the process, they can learn faster when it comes to functionality and user experience. This collaboration helps them get from a prototype to a product that is ready for the market.