Pitch Perfect Training

By Viki PavlicBy Viki Pavlic

Pitch Perfect Training

Earlier this month the contestants of the DreamHûs challenge attended the Pitch Perfect Training organized by WoonFriesland, YesDelft!, Dijkstra Draisma, De Bewonersraad and The Green Village. An opportunity to receive tips and tricks from a professional pitcher and a chance to make their pitch perfect for the finals.

Pitch trainier Viki Pavlic explained the basics of a good pitch and talked about the most common errors and how to prevent them.

After a small break it was time for the contestants to pitch in front of Viki, employees of WoonFriesland, The Green Village and of course the other contestants. Most of them felt a bit shaky at the beginning, but gained confidence throughout the pitch.

Because of the Corona outbreak the DreamHûs final is postponed till further notice. Hopefully we can set a new date soon.