Living at The Green Village

Construction of the first two studenthomesConstruction of the first two studenthomes

Living at The Green Village

Construction in progress, first tenants are welcome!
On July 4. construction of the first two experimental houses has started at The Green Village, the living lab for sustainable innovations at TU Delft campus. In collaboration with DUWO the houses will  be inhabited by real inhabitants (students). That means that you can actually live at The Green Village and become part of this real life experiment and innovation ecosystem!

Interested? Sign up now!
During a maximum renting period of 1 year, with the possibilty to have an exchange with you own room/studio (i.e. a return arrangement with DUWO) you can rent 1 unit by yourself of with someone else. The monthly costs will range between € 400 – € 450 including services, rent subsidy excluded.
With 30 m2 of living space you’ll have your own independant studio.

Interested? Sign up now and come to the ‘living at The Green Village meet up’ on July 14. 

Testbed for real life experiments
The first two inhabitable houses constructed at The Green Village are part of a testbed in which all kinds of living related innovations can be researched.  Theme’s will range from research into application of new materials (both in building components and interior), testing new services (like pay-per-use), water innovations (local production of drinking water from rain), new installations, in home automation systems, DC grids, innovative appliances, etc. Together with Sustainer Homes the testbed is designed to be flexible, adaptable and modular so that different parties can easily install and research their innovations.

Students living at The Green Village assure that innovations are subject to real usage, real consumptions and real feedback. From September 2017 two student homes will be available for research.