Concrete action for climate adaptive cities

Kenniscaf� Innovatief HaaglandenKenniscaf� Innovatief Haaglanden

Concrete action for climate adaptive cities

What innovative solutions are there in the field of climate adaptation in public spaces? And what does it take, from a municipal perspective, to get those innovations applied in the streets and neighborhoods? That was the question that the participants of the first ‘Kennis Café Innovatief Haaglanden tackled: municipal secretaries, department heads and specialists from the municipalities in the Haaglanden region and the Delfland Water Board. The Green Village received them in our Waterstraat, the joint program of the Delfland Water Board, VP Delta and The Green Village about climate adaptation in urban areas.

What issues and challenges are there when you want to apply these solutions in the neighborhood? Think of various technical, business economic, social and regulatory issues.

After inspiring practical solutions from innovative entrepreneurs such as Tile System X and Field Factors, the participants went to work together in work sessions. For example, the participants identified problem locations within the various municipalities. And they investigated which solutions are most suitable for that specific case. All this with the aim of real implementation based on the test results and validation during the innovation process at The Green Village.

Everyone went home with concrete follow-up actions and a new appointment in their agenda. Hopefully we can report on the first results in a few months.

If you want to know more about innovation in climate adaptation, contact Willy Spanjer, program manager for Climate Adaptation.