Climate KIC’s Summer school 2016

Innovating at The Green VillageInnovating at The Green Village

Climate KIC’s Summer school 2016

40 students from all over Europe got together on August 3rd at The Green Village to work on three different cases during Climate-KIC’s ‪climatejourney2016. Innovations in Robotic Building, Integrated wind energy systems along highways and the Car as a Power plant concept were explored.

Henriette Bier, associate professor Digitally driven architecture at TU Delft, for instance explained one of her concepts that her group is working on, i.e. the autarkic kite-powered robotic manufacturing of a material and energy efficient student home at The Green Village.  

The students not only looked into the technological challenges and solutions of one of these three concepts, but also its business, societal and legal aspects. This integrative approach provided the students new insights in how to accelerate its further development, making a real effort to contribute to a sustainable future!