Micro Urban Wetlands by FieldFactors

Scalable drainage and bio-filtration system for urban surface runoff

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In an increasingly paved urban environment, cities are facing new challenges to cope with larger peaks in rainfall and longer periods of drought. Micro Urban Wetlands is a decentralised and circular system for waterboards and municipalities to manage urban surface run-off, making cities greener and more water resilient. It provides a solution for distribution, buffering, filtering and infiltration of rainwater. This highly flexible and scalable system can be easily applied alongside existing or new infrastructure and in public space, such as sidewalks or parking lots.

MUW is a cost-effective solution as alternative to the current sewerage system that also reduces the operational costs of water supply. The benefits of MUW are the visible application and attractive design, becoming urban furniture and improving spatial quality. Its appealing design helps to increase the sense of awareness of the importance of water in our living environment.

At The Green Village MUW is tested for the first time on real size. We are using 3D-printing technology to manufacture the components and subsequently test the structural aspects of the system. One of the benefits of 3D-Printing we will fully exploit is the ability to adjust function and form. We want to showcase the design possibilities to the public in order to get feedback from potential launching customers and end users.

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