Increases the absorbing performance of the soil

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Climate change causes various severe problems such as extreme rainfall and heat stress. Flowsand is paving sand used for with regular pavement work. The sand is coated with a water-conducting additive which gives the sand a capillary function. The sand can quickly suck water from the street surface into the junctions and then slowly releases it into the brick layer. As a result, much less water is drained to the sewer and much more remains available for the city, to replenish the groundwater level or cool the city.

Flowsand is deliberately designed as a slow system to prevent water pressure in the soil beneath the pavement. It should therefore not be confused with permeable road surfaces that are aimed at rapidly draining water. Instead, Flowsand takes a little bit off of every shower. Light showers provide about 90% of the yearly precipitation volume, and it rains half of the days.

The setup at The Green Village serves for further validation and research of the pavind sand. The expectation is that by absorbing little amounts of each shower, Flowsand can take in more than 50% of the annual precipitation. .