Ecologisch Waterbeheer

Rain water buffering and purification system

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Ecologisch Waterbeheer (EWB) introduces underground rainwater harvesting and treatment systems which offer a solution for the negative effects of heavy rainfall, droughts and salinizationof caused by climate change. EWB focuses not only on preventing urban flooding, but aims to store and treat contaminated rain water to allow local reuse or safe infiltration. The system is flexible, as a result of which it can be easily integrated in existing infrastructure, preventing expensive and complex renovations. 

The design at The Green Village shows how a heavy shower, covering an area of 120 m2, is simply buffered and stored by means of a 24 m2 gutter. The gutter is not connected to the sewerage system therefore buffering takes place based on a AA Eco shell-mix. This is a renewable raw material with a buffering capacity of about 70%, low maintenance costs and a flexible and safe use of the topsoil. Purification is done by a mineral mixture (AA Minerals) for the removal of heavy metals, mineral oils, PAH, etc.

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