HBlock – Minor Archineering

Pattern, relief and shadow in a dry stacked wall

Traditional masonry requires skilled workers, however, the amount of masons is rapidly decreasing.

HBlock is a solution that allows for unskilled workers to quickly build brick walls. The system consists of fibre reinforced polymer H-profiles and a post-cutting technique to create channels into bricks turning it into precisely dimensioned blocks suitable for dry stacking. Besides the ease and speed of construction, the projected benefits are circularity related; easy demounting and restacking of the bricks.

At The Green Village, students of Delft University of Technology from the BK minor Archineering, constructed the brick walls in the Cast Formwork System by Nadia Remmerswaal. To show the wide range of possibilities four different brick types have been used in different patterns. Designing and building the walls was part of the course. By connecting both shells of the cavity wall a stable and solid wall has been built.

Photo’s by: JJ Wassing

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