Smarter with water

Worldwide, fresh water supplies are becoming more scarce. To secure clean water for the people in the future, we need to be smarter with water. We can harvest rainwater or use greywater, filter it, check it with sensors and drink it. When you take a shower, we can use the warmth  to heat your office or even charge your phone. When you flush we can separate the streams. From the urine we collect nutrients. With the faeces we produce biogas or even form raw components for plastic production. But what has to be changed in technology or legislation?

Research and innovation projects

Many key players in the water sector are already actively engaging in innovation. Several of these players, including the local water board, are planning to use The Green Village for their research and development. Projects in preparation cover various topics, including water transport systems (aimed at infrastructure), smart water technologies for drinking water and buffering, and system integration (focused on harvesting energy or minerals).

Facilities at The Green Village

Initially, the infrastructure at The Green Village will include standard facilities for drinking water and a small diameter sewer. Participants and users of The Green Village are invited to add and demonstrate their innovative technologies. On two sides the terrain is bordered by a stream.

Relevant links

Website of the Sanitary Engineering section at TU Delft’s faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

More to follow