Towards the electricity grid of the future

Our society uses much electricity. Traditionally electricity is being distributed by alternating current (AC) networks. This standard was set more than a century ago. But nowadays most renewable energy sources generate a direct current (DC), and most appliances work on DC using converted AC. When DC is converted to AC, we lose energy. So why don’t we build DC-grids that are more stable, simple and efficient?

Research and innovation projects

The Green Village will facilitate and host various projects and innovations for smart energy grids and DC-networks. Projects that are planning to use the platform of The Green Village include projects on water-based batteries, DC-streetlighting, and homes on DC.

Facilities at The Green Village

The infrastructure at The Green Village will include a DC-network that allows researchers, engineers and developers to connect their products and test-setups in a ‘plug-and-play’ manner. These set-ups and installations may take any role in the system: production, distribution, storage, energy management and use.

Relevant links

TU Delft PowerWeb – The programme that bundles TU Delft’s research projects on smart energy grids.