Teaching Lab Meet & Eat for TU Delft Teachers

Impact for a better society

At The Green Village we believe that Impact for a better society - as stated in the strategic framework of TU Delft - can be reached when theory is put into practice.

The Green Village’s goal is to accelerate the development and implementation of radical innovations in the field of urban sustainability.

We do this by bringing together everyone who needs to be involved – scientists and engineers, businesses, the public, and government – at an inspiring place where innovations can be developed, tested and demonstrated by these partners. It is an experimental real-life setting, a true living lab at Delft University of Technology that is open to anyone, including you.

We prepare students to contribute to solving societal challenges by providing them with a solid grounding in interdisciplinary skills, sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking. 

Furthermore, it is important that graduates develop competences in the application of technical expertise to real world complexities.

In this Meet & Eat of TU Delft Teaching Lab, we will explain the concept of The Green Village, and how it can be used as a tool in your curriculum to create hands-on education based on the newest innovations. In the second half of the program we will explore and discuss if and how education can be more practice-oriented during a work session.

How can we support students in developing the competence of applying their (technical) expertise to these so called real world complexities’?

Please contact The Green Village - Nadia Teunissen
+31 (0) 15 278 20 64