PowerWeb Lunch Lecture

With Christian Heuer

On behalf of the steering board of TU Delfts PowerWeb, you are invited to a monthly lunch lecture. These lunch lectures take place every second Thursday of the month. Free lunch is included.

Attending is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. 

Title: Digitalization and Digital Twin in the electricity system by Christian Heuer; Energy Business Advisory - Siemens AG

Abstract: Digitalization and Digital Twins have been around in the manufacturing sector under the term Industry 4.0 for a while and are transforming the industry. This presentation is explaining the core concepts of Digitalization and the Digital Twin in the context of infrastructure, looking into the applicability to the electricity system and giving some examples from Siemens of today’s and future applications. 

Bio: Christian Heuer studied Electrical Engineering, Technical Computer Science at TU Hamburg and is currently heading a consulting group called Energy Business Advisory within Siemens AG, Power Technologies International. 

Attending is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.