Sanura winner first Dreamhûs Challenge

Online finale a success!

Sanura winner first Dreamhûs Challenge

After a convincing pitch, Sanura can call itself the winner of the first online Dreamhûs Challenge. With this win, Sanura can freely use the test possibilities in Dreamhûs for a whole year, to test their plug&play heat adapter ‘Flatmate’ in the showers of the residents.

Dreamhûs is an experiment here on The Green Village, by public renting company WoonFriesland, construction company Dijkstra Draisma, YES!Delft and the residents council Friesland. The goal is to collectively speed up the transition to a more sustainable society.

Warmth doesn’t disappear into the drain
Sanura created the first plug & play heat adapter for in the shower. This system allows the warmth from the used shower water to heat up the cold pipes and therefore fresh shower water. The system is cheaper than existing solutions and is easy to install. As the heat doesn’t disappear down the drain, a family can save 40% energy in the shower.

After careful deliberation, the judges came to the conclusion that they see a lot of opportunity in the field of affordability and up scaling. Folkert Linnemans of BGDD is curious to see if Flatmate can also offer a positive effect in a technical aspect on the efficiency of gas boilers or heat pumps. Gea Herz from the residents council Friesland has practical questions and wants to know how the residents will react and accept the changes. Rudo de Bert from WoonFriesland wonders how much will be saved for a one- or two person household. Dreamhûs offers excellent possibilities to test and find answers to these questions.

Fantastic opportunity
Tomas Schietecat and Bart Bergmans of Sanura are very excited to have won the Dreamhûs Challenge.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to broadcast Sanura to a larger audience, to prove that it works and to gain user experience.”

The shower is one of the largest energy guzzlers in a home. In an average household, 20% of the gas bill goes to heating up the shower water. This heat is only used for a few seconds and then disappears into the drain. With our shower heat adapters, the heat is recycled without recycling water. This doesn’t only result in appealing savings, but also reduces CO2 emissions.

Experimenting with renovation solutions and and applying these in a larger scheme.
They are now able to try it out on a testing ground with flexible regulations. Dreamhûs consists of three houses, which are exact replicas of 70’s houses, built by construction company Dijkstra Draisma. One has the energy label F and other two have the label B. The three houses are inhabited and form a reflection of the Dutch housing market. A real-life situation has been created in which various innovative parties aim to make the houses as effectively and efficiently sustainable as possible. This way, the involved parties can realise their dream to speed up the process of making the existing housing in our country more sustainable.

The Dreamhûs Challenge was originally scheduled for March of this year, but was postponed due to corona. The challenge was eventually executed in an online version. Besides Sanura, other teams such as 4 OMID, Karbonik, Studio Bas Sala, 5d solutions and Takkenkamp Isolatie presented their innovations during the Dreamhûs Challenge.

For more information about the Dreamhûs Project, you can contact Willy Spanjer, Program Manager climate adaptation & circular economy: or via +31(0)6 14 60 96 31.

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