ZOAK pavement

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Large amounts of water can no longer be processed through traditional water drainage systems. On top of that, less water actually reaches the soil because there is less space for nature to flourish. The ZOAK pavement by Tilesystems offers a solution.

The ZOAK pavement stands for ‘Zeer Open Afval Keramiek’ (Extremely Open Garbage Ceramic). This ceramic clinker is wear and colour resistant and absorbs rain water incredibly fast. Various substructure systems have been developed on which ZOAK can be applied. These substructure systems buffer rain water that can be carried away by ZOAK and slowly distribute it in the soil. Besides that, the buffered water can evaporate through the pavement during warmer periods and therefore cool down the urban environment.

At The Green Village, TileSystems is researching and validating the frost resistance, water permeability and maintenance of the innovation, amongst other things.

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