Prefabricated system to prevent flooding and drought

  • klimaatadaptief

Due to climate change the intensity of the rain showers increases and the current sewerage is not adjusted for this change. In a petrified environment with little space for drainage of water, this causes more and more inconvenience. In addition, desiccation occurs in some places because rainwater is not absorbed locally in the soil but is drained too quickly to rivers and the sea.

The WaterTable is a prefabricated system to prevent flooding and drought. It consists of concrete ‘table’ elements that can be used in different numbers, shapes and heights. Among these elements is a hollow space in which large amounts of water are buffered. The walls are “leaky” causing the rainwater to be infiltrated directly into the soil.

The unique thing about this system; it is quick to install, easy to clean and inspect, it is suitable for very high traffic loads and has a long life. At The Green Village the working of various types of infiltration mats are tested for functioning and pollution. Normally the WaterTable is positioned below ground level so that pavement can be build on it.

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