Hydrogen Street

Natural gas grid for transporting hydrogen

Research into possibilities for reusing the Dutch natural gas grid

The network operators Alliander, Enexis Groep and Stedin have built a conventional natural gas grid to enable research on the possible applications of hydrogen. This grid has been constructed with current natural gas requirements, standards, materials and components. Building, testing and demonstrating this converted natural gas grid provides them and their supply chain partners with knowledge, practical experience and collaboration on the distribution of hydrogen through the existing infrastructure.

Sustainably produced hydrogen can be an alternative to achieve the CO2 reduction goals. This applies in particular to homes and districts that are not suitable for other natural gas-free solutions, such as electric heat pumps or a heating network. The research results will help accelerate the upscaling to natural gas-free neighborhoods.

The grid operators investigate the behaviour of gas stations and meters and the necessary safety measures, such as new working methods and tools. Other questions are how we use the converted Dutch natural gas grid to heat homes with hydrogen or use it for cooking. This gas grid is therefore available as a test bed for other parties to do research on, for example, hydrogen boilers or stoves.