DSI® Infiltration well

Een duurzame oplossing voor regenwater in stedelijke gebieden

All climate change scenarios predict more extreme rainfall. Urban areas, in particular, risk flooding in the case of heavy rainfall because they cannot drain the large amounts of rainwater within a short time.

With the DSI® technique, large quantities of rainwater can be infiltrated into the ground within a short time at a depth of approximately 12 to 20 meters. The rainwater is drained there through deeper aquifers in the soil. DSI® is a durable and relatively simple system that does not take up much space. This makes it suitable for use in urban areas.

The water ends up in the infiltration well through one or more street gullies. The street gullies retain the largest street dirt, such as leaves, but contamination of the underground remains a risk. In the test set-up at The Green Village, the infiltration well is linked to the Urban Rainshell buffer, which means that a purification of the water takes place before it is infiltrated. The effect of this on (ground)water quality is examined here.

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