Buffer pavement

Buffer pavement: circular and climate adaptive

  • klimaatadaptief

Climate change is resulting in increasingly extreme weather. Long periods of drought alternate with short but heavy rain showers. The drainage and buffering of rainwater requires a different approach.

The Waste Works Buffer pavement is made of bio-based, circular concrete tiles that emit 80 – 90% less CO2 during production than traditional concrete tiles. Immediately below these tiles is an innovative and strong crate system that can buffer up to 130 liters of water per square meter, so the sidewalk prevents flooding on the street. Rainwater flows along the water-passing tiles into the crate system, where the water is secured. The water then slowly sinks into the bottom from the crate. The Waste Works Buffer sidewalk turns streets into sponges that ensure that there is no waterlogging, that the city cools down and that the surrounding greenery has a more nutritious soil. Our sidewalk also helps biodiversity in the city. The sidewalk is therefore not only circular, but also climate adaptive!

Waste Works has realised its first practical set-up at The Green Village, where the strength and infiltration capacity will be further investigated.

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