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Climate adaptation isn’t just about preventing flooding and heat stress, it also involves making sure there’s enough water during more intense and longer periods of drought. Field Factors offer a solution in the form of Bluebloqs. Bluebloqs make rainwater fit for reuse in the urban area. This circular water system offers a solution for both […]

Innovation is the economy of the future

The Co-Creation Centre is the place to be where innovation and co-creation are the focal points, which have come together in co-creation with TU Delft researchers and innovative entrepreneurs. This innovative and sustainable glass building at The Green Village on the TU Delft campus is formed by a collection of various research projects. The building […]

Urban Rainshell and DSI®/FHVI join forces

In the early morning of the 13th of May, a DSI®/FHV depth infiltration installation was placed on the WaterStraat. DSI® is an innovative infiltration technique for the drainage of rainwater and return dewatering of ground water. This depth infiltration installation is connected to a previously placed Urban Rainshell innovation by Ecologisch Water Beheer (EWB). On […]

Seeing is believing

The energy transition. Houses are continuously moving away from gas and we have also started driving electronically. A sustainable route, yet the demand for electricity is now five times higher than it previously was. Besides that, 95% of all technology, such as laptops and LED-lighting, use direct current (DC), whilst the energy suppliers offer alternating […]

Sanura winner first Dreamhûs Challenge

After a convincing pitch, Sanura can call itself the winner of the first online Dreamhûs Challenge. With this win, Sanura can freely use the test possibilities in Dreamhûs for a whole year, to test their plug&play heat adapter ‘Flatmate’ in the showers of the residents. Dreamhûs is an experiment here on The Green Village, by […]