Presenting Innovations to First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans

Circular concepts in development

The Green Village invited several young, inspiring and ambitious researchers, working on sustainable innovations, to present their work to Mr. Timmermans. Ate Snijder, researcher at the glass and transparency research group, faculty of Architecture, pitched the concept of a glass bridge, entirely made out of casted glass bricks. The circular concept of the bridge is very interesting, because the bridge can be reassembled of needed, since the bricks aren’t held together by cement or glue, but by their geometrical shape itself.

Ate Snijder researcher glass group at TU Delft Architecture presenting glass bridge to mr. Frans Timmermans

Another innovative concept is the application of geopolymer concrete, presented by Marija Nedeljković, researcher at the geopolymer group, faculty of Civil Engineering. Geopolymer is a more sustainable alternative for ordinary cement based concrete. It uses a mixture of industrial by-products such as ashes, produced during the manufacturing of steel. Therefore geopolymer concrete preserves natural resources, produces less CO2 and allows us to use by-products to develop a sustainable construction material.

Marija Nedeljkovic, researcher geopolymer concrete at TU Delft CiTG talking to Frans Timmermans

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