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EFRO subsidy secured

TU Delft and Stichting Green Village announce that a four year subsidy has been granted for building the foundations of the testing ground. The European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) and the Province Zuid-Holland granted the subsidy end of March in co-funding with Gemeente Delft, Alliander and GasTerra. Furthermore the living lab will be supported and used by companies like Shell and Engie.

Reinforcing innovation

The ambitions at The Green Village are aligned with European, national, regional and local government policies and with the needs of corporates and SME’s. For TU Delft and other research institutions The Green Village enables and accelerates valorisation. Karel Luyben, rector magnificus of TU Delft: “The integrative approach of The Green Village enables our research groups to work alongside ambitious partners, accelerating their innovative research that would otherwise be more difficult to set up.”

Securing the subsidy from EFRO and the Province Zuid-Holland enables The Green Village for the years to come to play its part in facilitating research and valorisation in its mission to help accelerate sustainable system innovations.

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